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January 16, 2017
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July 19, 2017
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The paradox of life on earth will always test our will. We move between a range of emotions, reactions, conditions and realities day by day.

In the most elemental view, human existence can only provide so much certainty, safety and assurance, and that’s a hard pill to swallow.

We are hard wired to survive, to forge new ground, to create revolution. This requires energy, massive amounts of energy, resources and brain power.

There are timeless, tested teachings that encourage us of the benefits in spending time in silence, slowing down, being in the moment. In reality,  it’s incredibly hard to live in the moment when the world seems to have gone mad. It’s frustrating when everything in our entire being says fight or flight.

What does it really mean to live in the moment, why should we care about that?

This very moment is where we are, it’s what we can trust, the only place we genuinely exist.

Right now as our life unfolds, we can rest in this sacred truth.

I am here right now. I’m showing up for my life, moment by moment, no matter what happens.

Our culture pushes us to be lost in effort.

Lost in effort pushing, striving, improving, obtaining, transforming, and a myriad of other words that end in ing.

In the midst of it all, a question to reflect on might be: Can we be present, in this moment, no matter what is happening?

It’s very challenging to be present. Right here isn’t always pleasant, fair, loving, safe or just.

How can we engage in change, take good care of ourselves, keep love and peace in our homes,  during such intense times? What does it mean to polarize and choose sides?

These questions bear a need for deep reflection and curiosity.

I’m hearing voices of overwhelm, anger and confusion.  I’m hearing that there isn’t enough time, resources,  organization to confront all of the issues on the table.

To which I say, gently, lovingly, please come back to this moment.

Let’s come back to our body, our breathing. It’s not an overly simplistic request. It’s a way of honoring your human life, of joining body, mind, emotions in a natural way.

A way of witnessing where our life is, moment by moment.

I encourage us to embrace knowing that our efforts matter dearly,  evolution takes time, change will come.

One breath at a time.

Being strong and standing for what we believe in doesn’t mean losing our self, our health, our rest, peace in our families.

All peace in the world, starts within each of us. It ripples out in our home, to our loved ones, our community, the world.

Our vision is both a high level and practical point of view.

What can we do today that is manageable?

Our micro-movements are imprinting change. They will gain momentum and become the future.

This is how shift happens. One moment at a time, right here, right now.

Know that seeds of magnificence need to be nurtured, well cared for, aligned with the natural order of things to manifest.

There are times for push, times for rest, times for fruition.

Together we’ll remember to deeply care of ourselves, practice kindness and to always make peace a priority in our homes.

We’ll meet the moment as it is.

Loving-kindness will guide us and be our framework.


Much love,



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