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July 21, 2017
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November 17, 2017
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When things start to pile up, my go-to practice to handle it all is to dive into compassion practice.

I’m not talking about loving others, puppies, wanting the world to be a much saner & loving place.

We absolutely need to find ways to grow our compassion for the world, and all of the beings in it. We need to stay alert, fight for social justice and be very mindful about our actions, words and deeds.

At the base of our outward compassion practice, is a call to begin practicing compassion with ourselves. We start by noticing how compassion begins within our own heart and mind, and grows outward.

How we love ourselves is how we love others.


How we love ourselves is how we love others.

How we apply deep compassion for our own process, pain, suffering and life means the world to others. It means we can know through our own internal deep experience what it means to walk in another’s shoes. To witness the human experience from the inside out.

Our world doesn’t have a great track record for teaching it’s citizens how to love themselves.

I already hear my 8 and 12 year old nieces talk about how they feel fat or ugly and it breaks my heart. I talk to them about self-compassion and they listen, they want to know more, but they need lots of support, continuing all around them every day.

What I know to be true is that when I practice loving myself, feeling tenderness for my own process and letting my heart rest into gentle abiding, I can see into another’s experience and there is a great heart awakening.

Let it begin simply.

Ask yourself today, how can I get off my own back?

How can I put down one thing, one behavior that feels unloving?

Where do I need comfort, support and loving-kindness within my own heart?

Just those three questions alone will move mountains.

I have a method I’ve developed over the years when the going gets rough.

It’s become a sacred practice to me.

When I’m triggered, I sit down on the ground and give myself a few minutes before I respond.

I sit and I breathe and I wait.

I experience silence. I’m not doing, I’m just there.

I wait.

The silence is my friend.

Silence is a gift.

Inside the silence, is where the seed of compassion grows.

I would love for you to practice this way of being.

It’s not a guarantee that no pain or suffering will be in your life.

This way of pausing is a doorway to feeling tender loving care for your own process, for finding a way through.

Stay soft dear hearts.

Much love,

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