Hi. I’m Jane.


I lead retreats and I coach women who have been working hard at life for a long time and are ready to feel more joy on a daily basis.

I want you to feel happier — and now is finally, finally, FINALLY the time.

I believe that right now is a powerful time in our lives when we can be free and liberated from all the expectations and roles we’ve shouldered our entire lives — and once we make space, we can genuinely get to know ourselves.

That’s my work as a coach. I help you get to know and trust yourself so that you can feel happy, healthy and whole.

Here’s what I know to be true: we’ve got to love each other through this.

We’ve got to claim more joy for ourselves. We do that by clearing space in the gardens of our life to plant those seeds of joy.


Thank you, Jane. I feel so much happier.

~ Olivia Jones

And that’s what I help you do.

I have a holistic wellness degree from the University of Minnesota; teacher training from the Kripalu tradition; I have studied with many wise teachers over the last three decades; the heart-centred wisdom of Buddhism works through me in my life and coaching; I’ve been teaching yoga for over twenty years; I have led more than 50 retreats all over the world; and I work with women on group retreats and one-on-one as your holistic life coach.

I lead intimate Retreats so that we can get away from the mad rush of daily life and go inward, rest and reflect, and connect with our own wisdom and the universal wisdom around us.

And have heaps of unrestrained belly laughs and a whole lot of fun.

This is how we plant those seeds of joy: we clear space, and we get intentional about our own well-being.

I believe that retreating is a spiritual practice, not a luxury, and we need to build mini-retreats into our daily lives. Rest, reflection, inquiry: we need to connect with our inner knowing, lighten the load and enjoy our lives, and Retreating is one of the ways we do that, every day.

This is my work as a coach and a teacher.

I help you rest, reflect, and get to know yourself so you can trust yourself and fill your happiness cup.

We do this coaching work together as intimates when you’re seeking respite from the intensity of daily life, transitioning through personal relationships, expanding in ways that are yet unknown, and learning how to age with wisdom and soul.

I want you to finally know you.

When you can hear your own voice — the voice of self and spirit — you make more intuitive, confident decisions and you feel lighter and more joyful.

You stop procrastinating or seeking external validation. You feel more comfortable in your own skin. You feel like enough. You get free of the bonds of perfectionism and tap into your endless personal inventiveness and creativity. You stop ruminating about how you’re perceived; you stop overreacting, feeling like a live wire or numbing out…

…and you start understanding and navigating your own emotional landscape.

You find peace. You create it.

I believe that loving kindness is a spiritual practice and that is what I offer you.

I offer coaching and retreats and the center of all our work together is loving-kindness.

I want you to be connected to yourself. I want more peace and happiness and space for you in your own life. That’s our journey together.