Six Month Coaching Package

After all is said and done, what is more important than your own personal Joy?

I know that you are more than ready to identify what makes you feel more vital and happy in everyday life.

I have lived through big life transitions and along the way have learned how to be healthier and happier. I know that you can do this too, and it’s my honor to help you.

It’s totally in your power to grow and make progress into your changing life, relationships and purpose.

The thing is, I’ll  guide you to be your own best GURU.

I believe that YOU are your own best guru, and all of what you desire is within your reach.

We live in times of profound choice and radical change, collectively as cultures, and in our own lives.

Staying the same is just not an option anymore.

When we coach together you’ll learn how to:

Integrate powerful practices that will help you care for your precious body, mind, spirit.

Remember  your true nature, essence.

Tap into your natural vitality.

Boldly step forward into what is emerging.

Create new ideas and ways to implement them.

You will learn how to quiet your mind, and understand your feelings and emotions.

As an experienced holistic life coach I’ve learned that in order for you to make real lasting life changes, a coaching immersion of 6 months is an optimal amount of time to work together.

My 6 month coaching package includes:

12   60-minute coaching sessions (2 sessions per month x 6 months)

Guided and customized ritual and meditation sessions.

Email, text or social media support during office hours.

Coaching is big essential work.

There will never be a better time than right now.

Questions? Email me.

Otherwise, let’s get started right here.