A Loving-Kindness Retreat in Tuscany

May 26-June 1, 2019

Join me for a nourishing week of beautiful self-care in the cradle of magnificent Tuscany. Immerse in a replenishing week of gentle yoga, meditation, flowers, fauna, sunrise, sunset, vino, lovely cuisine, amazing humans, lots of laughs, tears, love, joy and everything in between.


It’s my honor to be your teacher and guide on this extraordinary adventure in Italy. You’ll learn how to take yoga off the mat to feel more harmony in mind, body and heart.

Prepare for enchanted moments in the lush bloom of May,  time to appreciate the essence of sacred land, sampling the gorgeous regional food and wine, and receiving uncommon hospitality.

You may have the universe if I may have Italy.

~ Giuseppe Verdi

Our retreat location, Fattorio Del Colle is a tranquil oasis that lies in an untouched corner of the countryside, in the south of Chianti. The estate is a small hamlet miraculously unspoiled through the course of the centuries. At the heart of the hamlet stand the 16th century villa and chapel including the old sharecroppers dwellings which have been lovingly renovated into rooms of the agristurismo. Included on the property are a well known restaurant, Osteria di Donatella, a wellness space and a cooking school. The ancient land, villas, and chapel are infused with ancient charm, a dose of mystery and an invitation to unfetter your senses.

Fattoria Del Colle is home to the only all women owned winery in Italy.  They produce the memorable Brunello wines. On the retreat guests will experience daily yoga, meditation, wine tasting, olive oil tastings, cooking classes, an excursion, and time to restore energy.

The estate lies on the land that gives birth to white truffles and an extraordinary extra virgin olive oil, inherited by the founder, Donatella Cinelli Colombini in 1998. Currently Fattoria del Colle grows 160 hectares of cereal crops, 6 hectares of olive groves and 17 hectares of vineyards with Sangiovese, Merlot, and Traminer  varieties as well as Foglia Tonda an old autochthonous vine abandoned for more than a century, that they have re-launched. The Colle’s altitude at 204 m above sea level and the great difference in temperature between day and night due to the vicinity of the  “Crete Senesi” determine the particular wealth  of aromas in the wines of this area that are intense, complex and extremely fine.

The wellness center at Fattoria del Colle offers a breath-taking view of the Val d’Orcia and Crete Senesi – Tuscany. In the wellness centre there is a Turkish bath, sauna, relaxation room, sensorial shower, foot bath and Jacuzzi. The massage room and the vinotherapy cave with its juniper wood tub, are known for their detoxifying qualities and magical elixirs. The Casato Prime Donne wines are used for bathing in and for cosmetics such as grape dust, saline wine face scrub, massage wine serum, all of which contain rejuvenating essences. All contain healing energy from the ancient land that surrounds the estate.

Fatoria Del Colle is ideally located for exploring the historic peaks and swells of the Val D’Orcia. Among the many pathways we’ll explore are the ancient estruscan hill towns of Castelmuzio, San Gionvanni D’Asso, Montalcino, Pienza and San Quirico D’Orcia.

Italy is a dream keeps returning for the rest of your life.

~Anna Akhmatova

I’ve spent considerable time immersing in Italian culture, and specifically the medieval hill towns in Tuscany. I genuinely believe Tuscany and the Val d’Orcia region is an ideal locale for retreating. Italy naturally imbues happiness through it’s beautiful cuisine, art, history, and sacred spaces. I’ve witnessed transformation within myself, and with all of my Italy retreat guests over the past few years. Tuscany is a place that once visited, engages the heart, and calls it back again and again.

My intention is for guests to surrender to a much needed break from the world while practicing morning yoga classes that are slow and steady, meditations that restore, chanting, mudra and mantra practices to enhance the experience. All of these practices help us to make friends with the moment and see our basic goodness. We’ll have magical evening ceremonies and a special guest or two!

This retreat is a totally unique way to dwell in Tuscany. I’ve been fortunate to create an insiders custom experience, that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and cared for from the inside out. My friendships, and love for Italy has made it possible for me to create these extraordinary boutique gatherings just for you.

The Retreat Includes:

  • Daily Yoga & Meditation
  • 6 nights lodging, private or shared
  • Daily Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Vegetarian Options
  • Group transport to the retreat on May 26, 2pm from the Rome airport (Fiumicino)
  • Pasta (Pici) making class
  •  Hill town Excursions
  • Tour of the wine cellars and tasting at Fattoria Del Colle


Lodging packages range from $2,995-$3,395

Guests may request private or shared lodging.

Room options are based on availability.

View the estate and rooms here.

Registration Is Now Open!

This retreat is ideal for those interested in establishing a yoga & meditation practice, or those who are interested in deepening a newer practice or getting inspired about a long term practice.   Each morning there will be asana,  guided meditation, then dharma talks.

Yoga classes will be gentle and restorative in nature. Guests are invited to look into old patterns that are ready to be shed, new ways to be in their body and time out for self-compassion.

Guests are encouraged to travel to other areas in Italy before or after the retreat, so that the retreat itself can be a time for replenishment, centering into the experience at Fattoria del Colle,  and embracing self-care practices.

After lunch, guests have free afternoons to take a slow stroll throughout the grounds, nap, receive an astrology reading, get a massage, read a book under a tree, or simply pause into rest.

A second yoga and meditation class will be offered most afternoons.

If you would appreciate a few insider tips about travel plans before or after retreat, ideal ways to be in Tuscany, and some of the bigger cities such as Rome, Florence, Naples and Venice.

Write to us here.



Please do take a moment to review the Retreat Cancellation Policy

Sas Petherick

If you are reading about Jane’s retreats, all I can say is go. Go and be swept up by Italy, by the food, the sun, the belly laughs, the smell of truffle oil. Life is so busy, uncertain and often stressful, sometimes we need to give ourselves the gift of a break, away from everything that pulls at our attention; sitting on a yoga mat, held by the radiant wisdom of Jane is probably exactly what you need.
Jane is the embodiment of loving kindness. Her leadership is a divine feminine light, deeply rooted in soil of Tuscany. You will be so well cared for, and your body, heart and spirit will thank you. The entire week was ACES! I am going home forever changed.

Emily Burger

My time at Fattoria Del Colle was nothing short of a dream come true. There is a deep, gentle peace that permeates the land and weaves through every interaction and moment. There is a real feeling of home there, a sense of being really cared for and fed so, so well! The beautiful grounds, fascinating history, gorgeous spa, and amazing restaurant are as dreamy as it gets, a Tuscan gem in every way. Jane is a wonderful teacher and human being, she moves me with her ability to guide with not only grounded wisdom, but light hearted joy. It is simple to find center, to laugh, and overflow with love in this place, with these people, an experience Jane creates with just enough relaxation and ease for magic to express itself freely. I knew it would become a place I would return to, and I look forward to the day I get to go back!

Judy Jensen

Slowing down and rejuvenating in Italy at the Full Moon in Toscana yoga retreat was an absolute gift to my life.  Jane radiates joy, warmth and loving-kindness in a way that touches hearts deeply.  The daily yoga and meditation practices were world-class and fostered such a sense of peace within.  The charming retreat location, Fattoria del Colle, offered a serene, picturesque setting with astonishing views that could take your breath away.  The beautiful spa was a personal favorite!  Thank you, Jane, and Italy, for reminding me to savor the wonders of life.  La dolce vita!

Jane knows and is passionate about Italy. Her Italian castle yoga retreat offers participants an authentic immersion experience into Tuscan food, wine and culture while inviting yoga, relaxation and rejuvenation on the grounds of a historic castle surrounded by olive trees and vineyards owned by the same Italian family for generations. C'mon! This is the Italian retreat you dream about!

- Brenda

Being at the Castle Fattoria Palazzo di Piero was absolutely amazing. Arriving at the castle there was an immediate sense of caring, a strong welcoming; a 'presence'. The intimacy was palpable. It is gorgeous. It is loving. It is fun. I recall a couple days into the retreat, and "needing" to raid the kitchen (stocked with fabulous leftovers), I was walking through the castle as freely and easily as if was my home. And, for that lovely week, it was. What a gift !! What an experience !! Our Host, Bernice and our personal chef were EXCEPTIONAL, every meal was "to die for". Truly, wonderful.

Yoga with Jane was totally awesome. Jane is gentle and encouraging and teaches within the framework of loving kindness.

I loved it. I recommend to anyone that is reading this - and thinking, yes GO!

- Mary

My time at Jane's retreat in Tuscany was nothing short of magical.  In addition to being treated to the best food, wine, company, and views, I was able to find the calm that had been missing from my busy American life.  I grew strong and centered from Jane's morning yoga and evening meditations, and in between I was inspired and led joyfully inward, finding peace within myself in an intentional and long-lasting way.  I will bring with me out of this retreat a mantra with great personal meaning, a set of memories of beauty and peace, and a deeper knowledge of how to apply yoga and meditation into my every-day life back home.

~ Ellie

It gave me the opportunity to connect to my deeper self. Jane creates great warmth, energy and space for gathering. She tends to draw out our higher qualities and allow us to reflect, get clear, and shape our vision for transformation.

– Holly Johnson

I was able to connect deeply with myself and learn so much. It was beautiful and rich. Sharing my core desired feelings as we partnered really helped me narrow them down and the reflection time together was lovely. Jane did a wonderful job uniting the Desire Map experience and yoga. We used our bodies to go deeper into our hearts.

– Mary McCarthy

I loved working one-on-one with Jane and Desire Mapping. I’m not a group person and this way of doing the work was really comfortable for me. I gained so much perspective and clarity on my core desired feelings. I had done it alone prior to this but Jane’s experience and knowledge of holistic living made a huge difference. She encouraged me but she also asked me to go beyond and explore areas I wouldn’t have done on my own. She held a beautiful space for me to grow.

– Olivia Stone

I was curious about her new offering as a Desire Map facilitator. It was a truly wonderful “retreat.” Time to reflect and take myself away from my busy life. For the first time in a long while I got in touch with my feelings. Knowing my CDF’s is really enlightening. It’s a solid roadmap and it helps me know that I truly know myself.

– Suzanne Abrams

Her instruction is based on intuition so each class is inspired by us, the students, and not a rote routine.

While I am focused only on my own aptitude, the collective energy of the class brings me to a new, deeper level of practice.

I often walk out of Yoga Jane’s classes renewed and thankful for the moment in which I find myself. Time slows down and the now presents itself through guided acts of breathing and mindfulness; I honor my body by listening to its present state.

I would recommend Yoga Jane’s classes—group, retreats, or individual–to anyone curious about yoga or wanting to deepen his/her current practice.

– Tessa Gunther

I love Jane’s style of teaching. Each class is different and unique. Jane is very knowledgeable and affirming as a teacher. Jane encourages me to go farther in my practice. I love the “wholeness” of Jane’s approach to yoga. It is not just about the physical challenge. It includes the spiritual and mental aspect as well. Jane uses a rounded holistic approach that takes into consideration all aspects of life.

– Susan Riley

When I am in the presence of Jane leading a class, I feel joy, I sense true compassion, feeling such total acceptance that whatever level of yoga my body is in is the perfect spot for me, and I feel honored to be in the presence of her shared articulate pearls of wisdom, obvious that Jane has lived this yogic path for years. Being with Jane is like having a door opened to a truly wonderful love filled space, where being present right now is the source of true peace and harmony.

- Debb Sather

From the first time I took a class from Jane, I felt encouraged and safe. I attribute this to the intelligent sequencing she chooses. I appreciate that Jane has had years of teaching experience to draw from and share with your students. Janes style is comfortable, warm and open, but challenging. I love the deep connection I feel in her class.

– M. Early

Jane’s classes are designed for true yogis. I appreciate Jane’s personal guidance. Hands on when necessary. Leading by example when necessary. Breaking down each pose so we get it right. And then practice each pose. I appreciate that you insist on good form and posture. I appreciate your messages at the beginning and end of each session. I know that my spiritual journey is my own, but I appreciate your input and involvement in it. You remind me to be open to the world. To soften. To allow. Jane has taught me how much I need yoga in everyday life.

– Alissa Kovala

Joy. Breath. Grounding. Elation. Deep, deep connections.

Attune with the seasons and subtle rhythm of life – Jane crafts retreats that revolve around the place they’re held and evolve as energy and practice deepens.

Always on my short of favorite memories and always on my short list of ways to care for myself – I return to these retreats, and the thought of these retreats, time and again.

Thank you Jane!

Sarah Auna


Payment for Italy Retreats including early bird rates, is due in full at time of Registration.