When you come away to Italy with me and spend a week on retreat, it’s going to change your life.

Everyone falls in love with Italy and they want to return again and again. It’s just that kind of place.

In fact, it’s the healthiest nation in the world. In Italy, life is to be celebrated and the Italian people take their leisure and well being to heart.

I fell in life with the essence of Italian culture, the people, beautiful food, Etruscan soil, the gorgeous art, ancient buildings, the pace, the philosophy of life.

When you’re there, you become part of that and it opens up your heart in the most beautiful way.

I couldn’t wait to share it with others.

And to share my healing work in Italy is really a dream come true.

Being in Italy reminds us to cherish the moments, to slow down and appreciate all the goodness life contains.

It is my deep calling to share these heart opening moments with you.

I’ve designed my Italy retreats so that my guests feel safe enough to share their story, remember their dreams, and vision what they yearn for deep within.

All the while basking in the glow of the sacred landscape of Toscana.

Tuscany imbues all that is healing and natural making it an ideal environment to gather in our sangha, and practice loving-kindness.

I know the courage it requires to pull away from your normal life.

To give yourself to a new adventure in an unfamiliar place with so many unknowns.

The personal growth you will experience when you devote an extended period of time just for healing, is one of the bravest expressions of self-love for your soul.

It is a declaration to step into who you’re becoming. To know yourself on the deepest level.

I am honored to be your leader and guide through the teachings of yoga, meditation and loving-kindness.

To help you deepen your wisdom practices and become fully present in your life.

You will experience the grace of community that we all desperately need in our modern day world of isolation, but you also will receive personal attention from me and time to explore on your own.

You will be seen.

Each retreat, I bring along a team of wise teachers and healers so that everyone gets all of the attention they need.

There will be deep transformation, I promise.

I look forward to being in Italy with you!

Much love,

Are you ready?

Read on to sign up for one of my retreats or get in touch with me about creating your own.

  • Bronwyn Simons
    My experience at Jane's Tuscan Castle Retreat was rich and meaningful beyond my dreams and expectations. Jane embodies the best of feminine spiritual leadership. She is deeply present with each retreat participant and able to speak wisdom directly into the heart of each person's practice. She teaches loving kindness by embodying it in her own life and practice. She's the real deal, a mentor of the highest caliber, who walks her talk every day, as well as being warm, funny, and fun and a great friend to share a glass of wine with. To experience this kind of leadership in an absolutely dreamy setting like the Pallazzo di Piero was just beyond! Italy will break your heart open with beauty, sensuality, art, spirit, and history, and at the castle you are in the very heart of it, on sacred Etruscan soil. This retreat will be a great gift to your life.
    Bronwyn Simons
  • Sarah Auna
    Jane's Italy castle retreat is the perfect balance of Tuscan yoga magic and some seriously well executed logistics.
    All details are covered - including travel, local flavor, food, activities and self-care. This makes way for a deeply restful and nourishing yoga experience.
    Jane's teaching style (both on and off the mat) is deep and pure. Messages are delivered with humor, grace and a tone of love and empowerment.
    I'd especially recommend this retreat to a person who longs to travel and go deeper into yoga posture and philosophy- but is in need of guidance, security and TLC.
    Sarah Auna
  • Michelle Kapture
    To say that Jane's yoga retreat in Italy was one of the most amazing experiences ever is an understatement! From the beautiful land of the Palazzo Di Piero, to the delicious food provided by a private chef, to the delectable wine, to the incredible gathering of souls, it was all you would dream of and more. Jane is one of the most authentic and loving yoga teachers that I have had the privilege of studying with in my 17 years of yoga practice. Her knowledge, insight and gentle nature is truly inspiring in every way. You will not only feel held in the arms of Mama Italy, you will feel supported in every way by the stunning and radiant light of Jane's beautiful heart. I hold this retreat as one of the most incredible journeys I have ever taken and am filled with love and gratitude for all that she provided. I so look forward to the time when I can join her again in this sacred healing space of love, laughter, friendship and adventure. Graze Mille from the bottom of my heart. 
    Michelle Kapture
  • Stephanie Tschida
    I have been a participant in Jane’s retreats for a number of years and I have always felt grateful for Jane’s ability to provide a safe and nurturing place for deep reflection and restoration. When I arrived at the Palazzo de Piero for the retreat in Italy, I knew this would be a sacred and healing time for me.  Jane had created six days of many kinds of movements and opportunities: Yoga that was grounding and soothing, dharma talks that reminded me of what is important, time alone to rest and reflect, time with other wonderful like minded people to bond with, and lovely Tuscan meals, and opportunities to explore Tuscany.  And then there was even more, because Jane brings a team of wise people and healers that further enrich the experience.  I left the retreat with a renewed sense of wholeness, new life insights, experiences I will never forget, and new friends who are now companions on the journey.  I am deeply thankful to Jane and her ability to create these opportunities for reflection, connection, and rejuvenation, and for her loving and accepting presence.
    Thank you so much Jane.
    Stephanie Tschida
  • Jenny Rizer
    I attended Jane's fall 2017 yoga retreat to beautiful Tuscany, Italy and I have nothing but rave reviews!!  I mean staying in a castle eating wonderful food and enjoying some beautiful Italian wine all while doing some soul searching and wonderful yoga outside with an amazing yoga instructor, who could ask for anything more wonderful?! The stay at the castle is magical and historical on its own right, but doing that among other wonderful people is just so great.
    Jane's teachings of "loving kindness" is apparent everyday. It's such a simple yet powerful reminder for our daily lives. Doing yoga and meditation in the circle of pines is absolutely magical!
    Nothing but the highest recommendations for this retreat...it's a must do!
    Jenny Rizer
  • Lisa Maria
    There are not enough words to say how important this retreat was in my life. Coming off eighteen months of total upheaval in which my entire life, quite literally, had been shattered at my feet into thousands of pieces, I needed a quiet place to get clear. I had done enough emotional work already to know it was time to fully shed those old stories and embrace a new one, but I didn't know what that was yet. Jane and her team not only sourced and created a magical environment in which to do this work ... I mean, who doesn't want to do yoga in a castle? ... but they also held for me the exact sort of space I needed to make this big leap. I was able to hear once again a call that I had heard strongly in childhood, but had allowed many years of 'normal living' to drown out.
    "Not only did I come away refreshed, healthily fed by our amazing chef and well exercised from gentle yoga ... but I knew exactly what my next step was. And I even received my 'commissioning' into my this new life through a wonderfully confirming astrological reading. When I came home, I sold the rest of what I own and two weeks later, I'm hitting the road to travel the world wherever the spirit moves me. This is my new path, and I bless Jane and her team for helping me rediscover it after 20 years of forcing myself to forget.
    Lisa Maria
  • Anz J.
    I returned from La Dolce Vita yoga retreat in Tuscany renewed, enlightened and inspired. Jane created space for me to learn, to feel, to quietly listen & to knowingly transform.
    Jane has a gift of meeting each student wherever they are on their yoga journey, from beginner to fellow yogi. She supports and gently guides her students physically, spiritually & emotionally on their own path.
    Sometimes I need to stop and take care of myself, whether it’s a 60-second meditation to calm my ever-spinning  mind or a 90-minute yoga class to open, stretch, relax or invigorate my body and soul. She reminded me of how important a regular daily practice is to stay healthy, happy and in tune.  
    I will take away the wisdom & history of the ancient towns we visited along with the magnificent beauty of the landscapes, where colors and textures are so drastically different, you almost have to pinch yourself to believe they are real. I am inspired to get out and experience so much more! 
    From the beautiful daily practice to the assemblage of this totally unique and amazing group of participants to the delicious delights of Chef Teri, we were nourished each day.
    Anz J.


I’ve been on a variety of yoga retreats but none that have stood up to Janes retreat. Jane has a soulful way of gathering a near family of strangers together who help support and cherish one another. Through love and kindness, she structured a retreat that I will forever cherish and plan to return to.

I’ve worked with Jane through coaching and now through yoga. Through both experiences, Jane has been my “soul whisperer”. Her approach to leading, coaching, sharing, and just simply being, shows the years of personal growth and reflection she has experienced within her life. Jane meets you where you are today and provides the tools of her practice to help you claim and craft your own journey into the future.

What Jane provided within the Italy retreat was everything that aligns with my mind, body, and soul and beyond. She taught attainable yoga and meditation practices (for all levels), she provided a team of experts to help tend to your body through yoga, massage, walking, and adventure. She nourished our bodies by selecting a personal chef who catered to all of our dietary restrictions and needs that was extremely delicious and filled with love.

Jane helps you see clearly. She helps you push aside and sort through all the clutter until you can deal with the important and necessary aspects of your life. Her teaching is definitely not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ – it’s tailored to where each person is in their life and helps you see beyond.  She shares her personal practice with you in the most authentic way. She is honest, spiritual, joyful, and so fun!

Through fine-tuning and really getting to the root of how I operate, I was able to come home with the tools to create new habits in my life. We are all individuals, after all, and we need to deal with our lives in the way that works best for each of us. Jane helps you do just that.

I am a more centered woman, am stronger physically and mentally because of Jane’s retreat and coaching. I am no longer gasping for air. I have made time for myself, be present and most of all, keep up with my practice. Many blessings.

Welcome to

La Dolce Vita Castle Retreat

September 9-15, 2018!

A Loving-Kindness Retreat in Tuscany

May 26-June 1, 2019