April 27-29, 2018 ~ Lanesboro, Minnesota


Friday 1:00pm-Sunday 12pm

Spend an enchanting weekend engaging wholeheartedly with Yoga + Nature + Full Moon Ceremony

April is a sacred time to connect to our desires as we shift into our growing season. Our perceptions physically, spiritually and mentally are more dynamic during this time of the moon cycle.

Lanesboro, Minnesota in the spring is the perfect place to explore spirituality and your inner world through the lens of yoga. The earthy bucolic landscape is abundant for healing and presence.

All levels are welcome and beginners mind is encouraged.

The retreat begins at 1pm Friday so you will want to plan accordingly and make sure that you have plenty of space to settle in. Take a few days off. You deserve it! You’ll want to mentally prepare for the weekend and rushing is not encouraged. Be present for this weekend.

Claim your self-care!

Here is our full weekend schedule:

April 27-29

Friday 1:00-4:00 pm

Unplug. Three hours of space where we’ll practice yoga that soothes tensions, meditations that help us soften and relax our agendas, and come into receptivity for mental and physical replenishment. We’ll explore the tenants of impermanence and how they can help us feel less anxiety, more ease and relaxation from day to day as we connect to our innate buddha nature.

Friday  6:00 pm Group Dinner

Saturday 9:00-11:00 am

Yoga/Meditation. Hips & Hearts. This session will align and open our hips to create more internal/external space. The hips and heart are emotional centers in our body. In Yoga we can find pathways to healing the whole body, through proper form and alignment of the hips. Opening the hips leads to opening our heart. We’ll learn how the Buddhist Heart Sutra is good medicine for these times we live in, and learn a meditation that can be part of our daily loving kindness practice.

Saturday 11:00 am Group Brunch

Saturday 12-4 pm Free

Saturday 4:00-5:30 pm Puja Riverside Ceremony & Meditation/Dharma Talk

Saturday 6:00 pm Group Dinner

Saturday 7:30 pm Full Pink Moon Bonfire Ritual

Sunday 9-11:00 am

Yoga/Meditation. Neck, shoulders and back. Otherwise known as the “ooh aah session.”

Be prepared to learn totally new ways to open up blocked energy in your spine, around your neck and in your shoulders and upper arms. Reduce pain points and breathe easier. Guests will bring a yoga blanket, block and strap.

Sunday 11:00 am Group Brunch

Yoga sessions will be held at a beautiful indoor studio in downtown Lanesboro.

Early registration is recommended for two reasons.

This annual retreat has limited size due to the yoga studio space.

Lodging in Lanesboro gets booked quickly at this time of year because it’s such a popular destination, and there aren’t any franchise hotels.

Recent retreat guests have loved The Iron Horse Inn. It’s a newer space and has a light modern feel with a nice community area for morning coffee.

It’s also recommended to check out Air B and B.  There are a few new ones getting great reviews in Lanesboro, and they work so well if you’re attending with a friend and want to stay an extra night or two.

Visit Lanesboro “Where to Stay” for additional lodging options.

It is highly recommended that you stay in downtown Lanesboro.

Retreat Fee is $375


Please do take a moment to review our Retreat Cancellation Policy.