An ancient castle in Italy
The bucolic fields of the heartland
Places of beauty, solace and nature
Morning yoga and meditation overlooking the ocean, a tuscan olive grove
Powerful circle, earth and moon ceremonies
Daily rituals to cleanse and renew


Crafting these beautiful moments is a creative joy for me, which is why I keep planning these retreats after having led over fifty of them in the last twenty years.

I have learned so much about life and joy and connection from traveling and doing these retreats.

It is my deep calling to share these unique and precious times away with you.

I know the courage it requires to pull away from your normal life.

To give yourself to a new adventure in an unfamiliar place with people you have never met.

The stimulation and growth you experience when you leave your normal setting for a few days is one of the bravest expressions of self-love for your soul.

It is a declaration to fill your life with joy and magic.

I am honored to be your guide.

To show you a new part of the earth and a new part of your radiant self.

To create a setting where you feel rooted and safe even while you are adrift in the world.

To help you deepen your practice of yoga and meditation.

To become still and fully present in your life.

You will experience the grace of community that we all desperately need in our modern day world of isolation, but you also will receive personal attention from me and time to explore on your own.

You will be seen.

You will be nourished.

You will have sanctuary for your soul.

And you will emerge renewed.

Are you ready?

Read on to sign up for one of my retreats or get in touch with me about creating your own.




Learn how to integrate wisdom practices into more happiness in daily life.

You’ve read all the books, taken all of the classes, but it still feels like a struggle. What’s up with that?

We’re going to flesh out the current view. We’re going to make meaning of all the learning and efforting. We’re going to understand what it all means and why we can feel more joy after all.

Our weekend combines yoga and meditation sessions that inspire and center.  They include slow warm-ups, flowing sequences, soothing moments, aligning asanas and poses that unleash energetic blocks.

Our talks include how to integrate ancient and modern lessons for these times. How to bring it all home and let it take positive shape in real life.

Over the weekend, you are invited to receive, restore and revitalize.

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You are more than ready for this beautiful journey into Italy, Yoga, Art, Cuisine and Culture.

Welcome to the castle retreat adventure!  A truly bohemian adventure in the heart of Italy.  Held in a soulful 15th century castle and villa on Etruscan estate land called Fattoria Palazzo di Piero.  With over 600 acres of productive olive groves, vineyards, wooded stands of oak and pine, hidden ponds and creeks, it makes for a magical getaway.

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Lanesboro Full Moon Yoga Weekend
April 27-29, 2018
Friday 5:30pm-Sunday 1pm

Spend an enchanting weekend engaging wholeheartedly with Yoga + Meditation + Full Moon Ceremony.

This annual (6th!) Spring Retreat has a theme of compassion and loving-kindness, taught through the practices of yoga, meditation and a full moon ceremony.

Yoga sessions will have a grounding, replenishing and centering quality. Teachers and healers are invited to receive and restore their energies. All levels are invited and beginners mind is encouraged.

April is a sacred time to connect to the bloom of spring as we shift into our growing season. Our perceptions physically, spiritually and mentally are more dynamic at this time.

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A Restorative Retreat in Tuscany

May 27-June 2, 2018

Welcome to a beautiful week practicing loving kindness through yoga and meditation in the gorgeous landscape of Toscana, Italy. This is a heartfelt experience where guests are encouraged to shift patterns of overdoing to emerge renewed.  This retreat will rekindle your zest for life, awaken your dreams and your body, mind and spirit will be forever grateful.

Prepare for enchanted moments in the lush bloom of May, feeling utterly pampered while absorbing and appreciating the essence of sacred ancient spaces, indulging in gorgeous food and wine, and receiving uncommon hospitality.

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5 days of Love + Kindness

With a dash of grace, heart, intention, vision and wisdom for good measure.
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