When you watch the news, when you see the pain in the world, when you experience hard things in your own life, do you find yourself saying things like:

I am weary.

I can’t keep going like this.

There has to be another way.

Even as a small child, I found myself asking questions about the way we are disconnected as a culture. I knew that I wanted to figure out how to live with genuine compassion for myself and others.

For my whole life, and more intently over the past three decades of teaching yoga and guiding students, I have been seeking authentic ways to develop a practice that brings more light, love and joy into the world.

That practice is Loving Kindness.

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It all began with my desire to really know myself, deal with my suffering, and face my truth.  

My central life questions have always been about how I can be a more loving person, accept what I have no control over, and find a way to live that feels genuine.

Loving Kindness has been how I both increase my own happiness and bring happiness to others.

That may sound overly simple or even like I am suggesting a path that is without suffering or pain, but Loving Kindness does not mean life is without difficulty.

But when we are close to Loving Kindness, we possess the ability to navigate life’s hard places in a way that feels safe, loving and connected.

I have been teaching the immensely practical ways of Loving Kindness to students in yoga studios, on retreats and one-on-one through coaching for over half my life.  Every day I meet people who are looking for a more generous way to live and be in the world. I keep offering the practice of Loving Kindness, because I’ve seen over and over how it is the antidote to the other messages we receive from culture. And because it is a happier, lighter, fuller way to live.

For many years, I’ve wanted to offer Loving Kindness in a book, a practical book full of stories and exercises to help my students grow their practice. I’m so pleased to finally be offering that book.

A Heart of Gold is a the culmination of a lifetime of teachings and personal practice of Loving Kindness.

You can use this book over any number of months or weeks to give yourself time to develop the qualities discussed and the practices provided. And you can return to them again and again in the years to come.

Use this book as your practical guide for weaving Loving Kindness into your own life. Use it to help you find the heart of gold within yourself so that it can lead you home.

Radiant Jane

Heart of Gold Book

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