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Do you know what brings you true joy?

Maybe you have been taking care of everyone else for so long that your own hopes and dreams are mixed up with the desires of those around you.

When life changes occur, we can experience cataclysmic shifts in our consciousness. We have the opportunity to discover something new about ourselves. Or to remember something we forgot.

It is in these moments of women’s lives that I love to step in, hold your hand and be your guide.

As women, we can so easily brush the echoes from our soul aside. There is always a task that can distract us from our deepest longings.

I am deeply passionate about helping women stop and listen.

I’ve realized in my coaching practice, that you have to slow down to allow new thoughts, feelings and dreams to emerge.

I want to hold a space for you that is unhurried.

I will be your witness.

Together we can be still. We can dive deep into who you are.

Like the hermit in the tarot deck, we will wait for you to come into your essence as a woman. To connect to your True Self.

I believe the season of releasing the expectations and roles we have shouldered for so long is powerful and liberating.

Once you connect to being free from what others want from you, you have the space to genuinely know yourself.

That’s my work as a coach. I help you get to know and trust yourself so that you can feel happy, healthy and whole.

I want to help you claim more joy for yourself by clearing space in the garden of your life.

In the newly cleared soil, you can plant seeds of joy.

You can plant intentions for your own well-being.

Dear heart, I will help you rest, reflect, and get to know yourself so that you can trust yourself and fill your happiness cup.

We do this coaching work together as intimates when you’re seeking respite from the intensity of daily life, transitioning through personal relationships, expanding in ways that are yet unknown, and learning how to age with wisdom and soul.

It’s time for you to really know You.

When you can hear your own voice — the voice of self and spirit — you make more intuitive, confident decisions and you feel lighter and more joyful.

You stop procrastinating or seeking external validation. You feel more comfortable in your own skin. You feel like enough. You get free of the bonds of perfectionism and tap into your endless personal inventiveness and creativity. You stop ruminating about how you’re perceived; you stop overreacting, feeling like a live wire or numbing out…

…and you start understanding and navigating your own emotional landscape.

You find peace. You create it.

Here’s what I know to be true: The best of life happens within a container of Loving Kindness.

I believe that Loving Kindness is a spiritual practice.

I am so passionate about helping women frame their lives within Loving Kindness that I wrote an entire book about the practice.

In all my retreats, courses, and books that I write, the center of our work is Loving Kindness

Only when we walk with Loving Kindness towards ourselves, a true compassionate self-love, are we able to offer it to others.

Let me take your hand and walk alongside you on a path of ancient traditions and modern teachings, where all things come together into a kaleidoscope of Loving Kindness.

I feel certain that you will find yourself along the way.

I want you to be connected to yourself. I want more peace and happiness and space for you in your own life. That’s our journey together.

Now is the time to step into your new story and leave behind what no longer serves you.


Coach with Jane

I coach with my clients for 6 month periods of time.

After years of experience as a coach, I’ve learned that this is the time period where real shift happens.

If you are ready to dive in and explore your life in a deeper way, we can begin here.