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When you come away to Italy with me and spend a week on retreat, it’s going to change your life.

Everyone falls in love with Italy and they want to return again and again. It’s just that kind of place.

In fact, it’s the healthiest nation in the world. In Italy, life is to be celebrated and the Italian people take their leisure and well being to heart.

I fell in life with the essence of Italian culture, the people, beautiful food, Etruscan soil, the gorgeous art, ancient buildings, the pace, the philosophy of life.

When you’re there, you become part of that and it opens up your heart in the most beautiful way.

I couldn’t wait to share it with others.

And to share my healing work in Italy is really a dream come true.

Being in Italy reminds us to cherish the moments, to slow down and appreciate all the goodness life contains.

It is my deep calling to share these heart opening moments with you.

I’ve designed my Italy retreats so that my guests feel safe enough to share their story, remember their dreams, and vision what they yearn for deep within.

All the while basking in the glow of the sacred landscape of Toscana.

Tuscany imbues all that is healing and natural making it an ideal environment to gather in our sangha, and practice loving-kindness.

I know the courage it requires to pull away from your normal life.

To give yourself to a new adventure in an unfamiliar place with so many unknowns.

The personal growth you will experience when you devote an extended period of time just for healing, is one of the bravest expressions of self-love for your soul.

It is a declaration to step into who you’re becoming. To know yourself on the deepest level.

I am honored to be your leader and guide through the teachings of yoga, meditation and loving-kindness.

To help you deepen your wisdom practices and become fully present in your life.

You will experience the grace of community that we all desperately need in our modern day world of isolation, but you also will receive personal attention from me and time to explore on your own.

You will be seen.

Each retreat, I bring along a team of wise teachers and healers so that everyone gets all of the attention they need.

There will be deep transformation, I promise.

I look forward to being in Italy with you!

Much love,

Are you ready?

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La Dolce Vita here.

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