Loving Kindness Talks

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Here’s a teaser of the most recent guided meditation and lesson.

More about Loving Kindness Talks

Dear heart, are you longing for true rest? For renewal? To be replenished?

It is my great joy to share with you Loving Kindness Talks. Several times a year, I lead retreats in Italy where I teach about the practices of Loving Kindness. Those retreats are life-changing times of respite. But I want you to be able to experience that kind of respite wherever you are, and at any time. Loving Kindness for your real life. Right now.

Through Loving Kindness Talks, we will gather together once a month and I will guide you through a variety of topics to help you incorporate true rest and renewal as a part of our daily life. Together, we will all find ourselves along the way to a gentler, more beautiful way to live.

Enter the deep exhale of our community, dear heart. Bring your whole self. You are welcome here.

Here is the most recent Loving Kindness Talk on the Nature of Practice. View more Radiant Jane videos at https://vimeo.com/radiantjane.


“Loving Kindness Talks are making a big difference for me…I took a couple of steps back last week and into the weekend. I found myself retreating into the comfortable space of hyperrationality, where my emotions were frozen and cut off from my moment to moment experience. I was surprised that I could notice this. Looking back, it is the fruits of my loving kindness practice that allowed me to have this awareness. An even greater surprise: I did not pass judgment on myself for retreating to emotional “safety,” cutting myself off from my soul awareness as well as connection with others. I simply observed. As this week has gone by, I have maintained the diligence of my loving kindness practice through daily meditation, yoga, and writing. In the process I have found my way back home, so to speak, to the gentle authenticity of being a whole human being: thoughts, feelings, and body working together as one. I am amazed that I have been on this journey! Amazed that I am capable of cycling back to embodying loving kindness even after running adrift. I offer my deepest gratitude to Jane, for your gifts as a teacher; and for your being on my journey with me.”


How does it work?

I will schedule Facebook Live events each month and welcome you to join me for a themed dharma talk. I encourage you to type questions or messages during the live video. Afterwards, I will post videos here on my website so anyone who misses the live Loving Kindness Talk can catch up on their own time.

The practices that I use in my book and on retreat in Italy will be distilled into themes and lessons that you can tap into at your own pace, and at any time. 

How much does it cost?

Nothing! Loving Kindness Talks are my new free offering so we can get to know each other better.

This retreat is open for you. Join me in the deep exhale of living into Loving Kindness together. We’re waiting for you!
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