Radiance Sessions

We all need places where we feel held, seen and guided. Haven’t we already had enough advice? There is magic and deep remembering underneath the layers of distraction.  

That’s my work as your guide. 

I help you sit down and listen with a different voice, and clear space in the garden of your life. In the newly cleared soil, you can see your truth and live your best life. 

These hour long sessions create a pathway toward being in relationship with our souls. I know that our souls already hold the wisdom and joy and connection and love we are seeking. But our minds, bodies, emotions, being in the world are all in an evolutionary journey. I bypass the chatter about all this and talk directly to souls-offering a way to transform the outside from the inside. 

For a select few hours each month, I offer 1 on 1 guided sessions that are magical and completely tailored just for you. 

Whether you want to deepen your existing practice or turn over a whole new leaf, this guided inner work is the perfect spiritual jumpstart.

Each session is unique, but generally includes: a short pre-session email communication, contemplating/revealing where you are/what energies you are working with, highly personalized guided meditation and “mystical homework” (with resources and links) so you can keep the magic going on your own.



Melissa K

“I was in a big life evolution and felt really overwhelmed. Jane is truly a wise woman with deep life experience. She guided me to see myself as a whole person. She didn’t tell me what to do, she helped me know how to know and trust myself from the inside out. From there I started making decisions about my life that brought me more joy. If you need a soulful guide with maturity I highly recommend working with Jane.”


“We don’t need someone to fix us. We need someone to open a window.

Genuine curiosity, kind words, and consistent reminders of our own beauty, our own worthiness, are a rush of oxygen. This is what Jane does. Guidance with Jane has meant a consistently kind voice on the other end of the line, asking me real questions and offering living wisdom with incredible kindness and warmth. She is genuine and present, and each session with her leaves me feeling lighter and freer, more in touch with my own inner knowing and more connected to my own heart. I’m so grateful to work with her at this point in my life. After many years of doing really difficult things and working really hard to fix and create and heal, it’s a relief to sink into loving kindness with a tender, lighthearted guide. I wish every woman could give themselves the gift of being seen and being believed, the gift of working with Jane. I am breathing again. I’m beginning to trust myself again.”


“After I had a baby I felt utterly happy and utterly sad. It scared me and I wasn’t sure what to do. Working with Jane was a heartfelt journey. She is so encouraging and inspiring to begin but she also connected me to resources I needed to understand what my experience really meant for me. It was profound. Highly recommend her!”

Julie K.

“Guidance with Jane Reeves has literally changed my perception about how to live in the moment, how to care for my life and be more of who I am meant to be. If you are considering whether to invest your time and resources in coaching with Jane, run don’t walk. She is the real deal. A gifted, extraordinary wise woman.”

Kelly S

All the classes, workshops, teachers didn’t help me the way working with Jane Reeves did. She has this magical way of living and helping you to see the opportunities your life presents through the lens of loving kindness. It’s not light and airy either-it’s big big stuff.