Christmas in Florence

“La Bellezza”- Florence, Italy

For many of us, the holidays have become more stress than savoring. More drama than delight. What if this year, we took a detour and treated ourselves to something new? How about if this year, we do things differently and discover how to feel more connection, presence and radiance during the holidays. 

Let’s go to Italy during Christmas season!

A few years ago I spent time in Florence during the Christmas season. It was one of the most present and authentic holidays I’ve ever experienced. I loved the way time stood still, people seemed to be genuinely celebrating life, the streets were alive with joy! It was twinkly and magical. Since then, I’ve been dreaming of how to share my experience of spending Christmas in the beauty of Florence, Italy. 

La Bellezza means “the beauty” in Italian.

It speaks of how we dwell in beauty as we celebrate life!

La Bellezza is December 18-22, 2019. During this unique gathering we’ll take time and space to celebrate the beauty of life itself. To practice loving kindness and experience the pleasure of strolling, eating gorgeous foods, slow sipping, meditating and just being in one of the most beautiful cities on earth.

My Holiday season in Florence shaped my life in so many profound ways. My heart became more open, more aligned with who I truly am. Since that holiday in Florence, I’ve felt huge shifts within my personal growth. I honestly feel that it changed my life and allowed me to let go of trying to always fix, solve or change things. I learned how to just be in my life.

These great shifts and heart openings are waiting for you in Bella Italia. Discover Florence during holiday season with me, dear one, and you just might also find yourself again.  Your very soul.


Trip Details

The La Bellezza retreat will include: Daily meditations, personal coaching and healing practices, writing our days, a solstice gathering, a night at the Opera!,  Caroling around the Piazza, Food and Wine tasting lunches and dinners, private Museum tours of the Uffizi and the Academia, to name of few!

I’m collaborating with some of my favorite people in Florence, including a couple of notable chefs, sommeliers and “Walks of Italy,” to curate a truly one of a kind experience.

Does this sound dreamy enough yet?

Even dreamier is the incredible location where we will be staying. Ottentotto in Firenze. Ottantotto is an historic building located in the heart of the Oltrarno district in Florence. From the home-workshop of the renaissance baker, it was transformed into a noble residence and now restored into a Boutique Hotel. Each room has a special character, lots of cozy spaces throughout, and it is beautifully timeless. You will feel comfortable and at home while you also are amazed by the elegance! Explore more about Ottentotto by clicking here.

Holiday Retreating in Florence is all about enchantment. I can’t think of a more heart opening way to have a personal transformation, than by experiencing the beauty of Italian culture.

Packages are $2,600-$2,900 depending on room choice. Lodging will be in a boutique hotel in a quiet area near the Arno River. (Hello dreamy!)  Private rooms are available.

Included in each package: 4 nights lodging, lunch and dinner each day, Uffizi and Academia museum tickets and private tours, wine tastings, olive oil tastings, trips to the best Christmas markets with a tour guide, teachings on loving kindness, and meditations in sacred places, a one-on-one Radiance Session with me, and a live Italian musical performance!

Please do take a moment to review the Retreat Cancellation PolicyPayment for Radiant Jane Italy Retreats with early bird rates, is due in full at time of Registration. 

RETREAT CANCELLATIONS: It is your responsibility to read and understand our cancellation policy before making a reservation. Naturally, no one books with the intent of cancelling or postponing their retreat, but unexpected things do happen, so please purchase travel cancellation insurance once you have made your reservation.

Click below to secure your spot with a $1500 deposit. Radiant Jane Retreats will invoice you the remainder at a later date. ***Now through Oct 31, take $300 off when you bring a friend. You each only pay $2,600!